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COVID Security: Air Quality

Hartpury Village Hall has installed a CO2 monitor to measure and display the amount of carbon dioxide in the ambient air. This provides an indication of air quality, which correlates strongly with the risk of airborne COVID infection.

When the air quality is good the monitor, which is normally positioned on top of the piano in the main hall, will display a green screen. This turns to orange and then to amber as the air quality worsens, and eventually, if no remedial steps are taken, to red.

Hirers and hall users should use this monitor in combination with ventilation and social distancing in the interests of COVID safety when using the hall. There is also an electrically operated ventilation fan system, which introduces fresh air through a high level grille in the hall, while extracting air through a fan above the stage. Windows and doors can also be opened as necessary, but in the case of the large French windows, please ensure that they are hooked back safely. Please also remember to close all windows and doors before leaving the hall. A notice with additional advice on ventilation measures is displayed in the hall.

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